Catching Up With Jozef Conor.

Jozef Conor is without a doubt one of the most entertaining, talented and promising emerging producer/DJs we have had the pleasure of coming across (and becoming friends with).  So when he asked us if we would be interested in hosting an EP launch party for him back in March 2018…. it was a no brainer.

When we were sent the video, it hit us just how long it has been – so we caught up for a chat.

It’s hard to believe that this video was filmed almost a year ago… how has the last year been for you?
Since filming this video almost 12 months ago I have been a busy boy. Releasing numerous originals and a first official remix on labels such as Recovery Collective, Whoyostro, Unknown Records & recently on my own Imprint Jozzman Trax.

What led you to start up your own label?
In May 2018, I took a trip to South Africa for the burning man regional event “AfrikaBurn”. The overseas adventure made me realise I had all the tools I needed right in front of me, but I was just simply using them incorrectly. I had so many half finished records from different inspirations and moments in my life that I wanted to start honing in on, and wanted that platform where I could showcase my sound in a more personal way, without restriction.

Once returning to Melbourne from Africa I was straight into it! I think I wrote the first 4 scheduled releases for the label in about 2 weeks and then had them all mastered within the month. Starting a new project like this could not have come at a better time for me.

How has it been going so far?
The first release for the label ‘Initiate’ was available on Jan 8th and by Jan 10th It had already hit #1 in the Minimal / Deep Tech releases on Beatport and stayed there for 5 days. This was not only the first time I had one of my own productions at #1 but also the first release for Jozzman at #1. To say I was stoked would be a understatement…

I am currently releasing 2 track original EP’s from myself every month on the label with plans to sign some super special feature artists later in the year, but for now its solely an imprint for myself to release original music.

What does the future hold for young Joey?
Well since you asked….  I am super proud to announce that my next release “Desert Lung”, a 2 track floor heating EP will be available on February 22nd on Beatport via Jozzman Trax. Preview snippets for the release are currently available here.



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