An interview with Laura King

Tell us a little about yourself.
Right now I’m living in Geelong, just around the corner from Bloom. I work in the fashion industry, currently at Cotton On head office in the Rubi footwear production team. I’m a vegan and my favourite food is Thai. In my spare time I go though music, cook, go to the gym, hang out with friends and family and I love to go op shopping!!

How did you get into DJing?
Started off as a bedroom DJ in 2015 and quickly found myself playing every weekend in Geelong because I loved it so much and i was lucky that i had the support from a certain friend in particular Jack Rowley – he booked me every week and it gave me the chance to get used to a club environment and develop my style. inevitably I started to become noticed by Techno groups in Melbourne and the rest is history!

Every career has struggles and highlights – can you tell us about your own?
The biggest struggles have been trying to juggle work and living a healthy lifestyle amongst playing gigs, partying and no sleep pattern over the weekends. I am on top of it now though just took a bit of time to work out! Playing at Piknic Electronic, Babylon, Revs for Gregor Tresher and my birthday set at bloom have been very memorable highlights so far.

What are your thoughts on the techno scene in Geelong?
The techno scene in Geelong has been pretty dismal (in my era) in regards to clubs. However there has always been a rather large amount of awesome Techno DJs in Geelong and now thanks to bloom we all have somewhere to play. For me there is nothing better then playing to a club full of your friends in your home town on a Funktion-One system (Full Throttle)! The vibe is like nothing else

What are some of your favourite venues/events to play at the moment and why?
One of my favourite venues to play at the moment is My Aeon, whether its for Alter Ego, Renegade or Techno Time, it goes absolutely off every time. The crowd is always awesome, the system and lighting is the best and its always so pleasant to play in that booth.

Any shout outs?
I have had incredible support from so many people. A few groups in particular that I will be forever grateful to and who are now my best friends. Konnekt’d, Euphorie Bezirk, Recovery Collective, Alter Touring & Events and the Bloom crew. So much love for all of you!

Listen to Laura’s recording here:

Watch what went down here:

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